Consultancy & Training

Producing a bespoke and effective plan

A fresh set of eyes and a second opinion on a strategy, website or advertisement campaign can make a huge difference. We do it all, as well as train your staff to run quality strategies and social media campaigns in the future.

We solve real problems

Consultancy & training

Activity Audit

Every piece of data tells a story. We analyse your website, customers and current strategy with a fine tooth comb and present all of the potential ways to fix them. It’s up to you whether you hire us to fix the problem for you or take away the information with a solid plan of action.

Technical Audit

A technical audit is all about how your website is running. Websites constantly need to grow and evolve to keep up with industry changes. We stay ahead of that curve and are able to manage the technical optimisation of your website so it always functions as it should.

Marketing Strategy

A strong plan, backed by definite actions will certainly make a massive difference. We talk through your marketing plan, help you take action and we’ll track the progress. Additionally, we’ll train your staff to continue to work through such plans.

Social Media Strategy

Social Media is one of the most neglected streams of advertisement businesses can use. Through raising brand awareness and engaging with your customers, it’s possible to reach more people and increase site visits, conversions and sales.

Migration Support

Websites are constantly going out of date, from security and functionality standpoints. We’ll move your website onto the most optimal industry standard platform and ensure it is fully updated and secure.

Social Media Training

We keep saying Social Media is massive for businesses - because it is. However, it needs to be done correctly to see results. We’ll train your staff in creating the best social media marketing strategies and show them how to use customer engagement to raise brand following and in turn, website visitors and sales.

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