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Behind the scenes at DB Advertisements

We're an agency that understands

We’re a Lancashire based Digital Marketing agency who really pride ourselves in working with our clients. We understand that not everyone is a digital expert and not everyone understands how a lot of services work, or why they’re beneficial. We aim to change that and help our clients understand why certain services can really boost their business, and break down the process to make it completely understandable. We also love seeing new businesses start and we’ll do everything we can to see new businesses get set up and start doing really well.

Know what you're paying for

We understand a lot of the services we offer can be a bit confusing, we’ll explain everything in a way that you understand and give you our expert advice. We don’t push any additional services on you, ultimately you can understand and decide exactly what you’re paying for.

Amazing communication with clients

We want clients to understand exactly what is happening at every stage of any work we do together. We’ll explain everything simply and help you choose the perfect services – On top of that, we treat our clients as friends and so we’re always just a text or phone call away if you need an update.

12 Hour response time

If you have any questions at any stage of our work together, whether that be during website development, during search engine optimisation periods or generally while your site is live, we’re totally accessible. Drop us an email, give us a ring or send us a text. We’ll always get back to you and have a chat within 12 hours.

No Nonsense

Simply put, we don’t lie. We’ll be completely transparent about the work we’re doing for you. We’ll keep you updated on our progress, the systems we’re using as well as any bumps in the road, should they occur.

Your Dream. Our Mission.

We believe in some core values

There’s a few things that we believe to be essential in business. Reliability, honesty, availability and clarity. We’ll always be these four things.

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DB Advertisements

A Lancashire based Digital Marketing agency proudly working with clients to increase their business activity and sales through a variety of bespoke services built around your individual needs.

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